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"SOLE is the foundation and the MIND brings the creation."


Los Angeles based footwear brand with a premium design in mind. All shoe designs are created with hand-crated Italian leather on the upper and a rubber sole.



In addition, we strive to create comfort with style. Our low profiles shoes are catered for easy wear with premium quality. All colorways are designed by Style With Kicks.



Hey Everyone, I’m a sneaker enthusiast. I started as a sneaker blogger. During that time I would do cross promos with many brands.


I’m now transitioning into sneaker coloway design. Footwear has been ingrained in my life since childhood. 


My grandpa before coming to America used to be a shoe repair man back in his country “El Salvador “ 


Growing up a in low-income household in America my grandpa would fix my one pair of dress shoes. I wasn’t a fan of dress shoes, but on other hand my father would only wear dress shoes, especially slip on. 


My father never wore any sneakers. I asked him once why do you only wear dress shoes? He responded “El estilo empieza del zapato para arriba“ which basically means your style starts from your feet up. 


 I created this unisex footwear brand keeping in mind my love for sneakers and my father's love for slip on dress shoes. The brand is called “Sole La Mente”.

"Sole" being the foundation of the shoe. "La Mente" ( The Mind ) bringing the creation.


It’s also a play on words. In Spanish, it translates to the word “Only” and 

It also pays homage to my father and grandfather for being the “Only” ones to spark my interest in footwear.


My first release is a "Slip-On" sneaker made with Italian Leather called “El Clásico” - which means "The Classic" 


Check it out and I would greatly appreciate your help to kick it off!  

We welcome you to follow our journey through social media and be part of our "SOLE LA MENTE FAMILY" - sign up! 

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